2021 by the Numbers

Looking back at 2021, a second year of working from, oops, scratch that — while home. A year of semi-quarantine, half-baked birthdays, and limited travel except for a fun road trip up through Seattle and Oregon during the summer. A year of missing friends and family. A year of too many screens, a lot of unknowns, and ever-changing plans. A year of just trying to make it through to the next day.

Even with the weight of much uncertainty there was also plenty of joy and opportunities to recalibrate. Nightly walks with Maple. The kids back at school in person. Hours spent experimenting and making things with the Risograph. Family dinners together. Many books read. Exercise for my body and to quiet my mind. COVID Vaccinations for the entire family (and boosters next week)!

While 2022 may not yet be looking like the relief we’re all longing for, I wish you a safe, healthy (boosted) New Year ahead. Onward!

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  1. I added a new section to the site to record my personal Design Library. There’s still quite a bit missing and I need to decide on how to handle a detail view for each book.
  2. I read a lot more this year, nearly doubling my Goodreads reading challenge. This included first reads and re-reads of several books that I tend to go back to periodically including This is Water, Orbiting the Giant Hairball, and Shopping in Jail to name three.
  3. Almost doubled my 2020 count. Of these, 13 movies were first showings in an actual movie theatre and the majority during the second half of the year. Nightmare Alley is really great — don’t miss it.
  4. I forgot to record the count at the beginning of the year so this number is based on the 45K count when I received the machine in Dec 2020 and a reading of 53,704 taken on Dec 31, 2021. Close enough.
  5. I was out on the road a lot less than in 2020 but biked inside or outside for 174 hours overall. I suspect this was influenced a lot by a combination of weather and far too many early morning work-related meetings. Bay Trail access near me has remained closed through the entire year which also I’m sure impacted that time outside.
  6. Just a wee bit more than 2020 — 2.94M vs 2.98M (2,981,434 exactly as tracked by my Apple Watch).
  7. Technically by the end of the year I let a couple subscriptions lapse (New Yorker, Wired) as I couldn’t find the time to actually read them enough to make it worth the cost and since I have access via other means.
  8. Tallied manually again as in 2020 and shared via weekly Through Line notebook entries. The weekly average was 10.7 links with issue 68 being the largest with 17 links.
  9. I’ve lost a lot of interest in Instagram… ok, pretty much all social media apps over the last year especially. I haven’t pulled the plug on any but have been thinking about it a lot. Maybe 2022 will be when I pull that trigger.