All That Glitters

23K Reverse Glass Gilded and hand painted Drop Cap letter B
23K gold reverse glass gilded and hand painted drop cap

When I joined the then-Analog Lab team I felt I needed something that would not just differentiate me from my teammates, but also hopefully encourage a new perspective on our practice as a studio. For me, this was picking up brushes to learn the craft of traditional sign painting.

Computers are great — they can do wondrous and amazing things. They are wonderous and amazing things themselves. But for me, nothing beats the honest satisfaction of making something real with your hands, and processes that engage all your attention. For me that might be sign painting, screen printing, letterpress, shooting with an old Polaroid camera, or working with the Risograph.

All of these things have taught me invaluable lessons about the beauty and value of imperfection, scarcity, and the importance of connecting the things we make back to our humanity. They’ve reminded me that it’s ok to suck at something new for a long time, but that eventually, if you keep at it, you get better and figure it out.

This little project finished over the last two weekends is exactly that: a culmination of many years of practice and a willingness to dive in, make some mistakes, and learn. All things considered, it turned out substantially better than expected.

I already can’t wait to do another.