Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter posters in the Analog Research Lab
An original Black Lives Matter print from the Analog Lab, circa February 2016

I, along with my colleagues printed a lot of these back in 2016 and the emotional and mental weight of that period came flooding back over the last two weeks, as has the realization of the powder keg moment we’re living through.

Entire populations of Black people have been systematically held back for decades — with endless tragic consequences such as the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, Pamela Turner, Alton Sterling, and literally hundreds of others. Individually and collectively, we have not done what’s needed to flush out decades of racism in the world and support this community. It’s a debt we may never make reparations for fully. But we must try — and we must do so right now.

Places to start include beginning the long journey to become more educated, but also signing petitions, joining demonstrations, and donating to bail-out funds. Although there are now countless lists of resources for each of us to take action available, here are just a few key ones to begin with.

Charities and Funds


Books to Read