Color Bars

A Polaroid image showing thick colored lines of purples, blues and yellows in a u-shaped pattern
Painted mural detail from Oakland, California

I went to Oakland on Friday afternoon to meet up with a friend for a drink at Drake's Dealership and arrived early in the hope of avoiding as much of weekend rush-hour traffic as possible. With some extra time on my hands, and Maple the pooch in tow, we went for a little stroll around the neighborhood where I came across this mural painting on some wooden cladding outside one of quite a few shuttered businesses in that area.

I hadn’t noticed it initially, but once the Polaroid had developed, I immediately thought of this mural in Silver Lake, perhaps best known for its central appearance on the cover of Elliot Smith’s album, Figure 8. Pity the gastropub now in that location cut a hole in the wall for a window though.