Nichtswimmer at Südbahnhotel
What remains of the swimming pool at Südbahnhotel in Semmering outside Vienna.

Next week will mark 2 years since the final shoot days of An Impossible Project and easily the most strange, beautiful, and exciting project I’ve been a part of. Although the film has screened publicly a few times, the Current Situation really pulled the rug out from under the project which is best experienced in real analog 35mm.

This photo from Südbahnhotel was taken during a special private tour of the hotel grounds — including a very dry dip into the indoor pool. Or rather, what’s left of it. For some reason this particular photo caught my eye today, so here it is. The dimensional type on the edge of the pool seems quite unusual and impractical, but has developed such a nice patina over the last 40+ years of abandonment.