Not Everything That Matters Can Be Measured

Risograph prints of Not Everything That Matters Can Be Measured
A 4-color Risograph print of a photo of a special ruler made by my pal Tim Belonax

Yesterday a little envelope arrived in the post from my deal friend and Analog Lab alum, Tim Belonax containing one of the small rulers pictured in the above image. I think about this idea often, especially how it impacts the work I’ve been doing for close to a decade now where it’s often impossible to truly measure its impact or value.

Measuring things drives modern tech. In my estimation, often to their detriment. It drives growth which in turn can be used as a shield from doing the right thing for people, for making something that moves people instead of entrapping them.

Today I snapped a quick photo, worked a little color profile magic on the image and produced a run of these 4-color Risograph prints which will be included gratis with all future orders from the shop — until I run out at least.

Thanks Tim, for the reminder.