R_____ the Riso

Risograph EZ391u control panel
Risograph EZ391u Control panel.

After nine months and counting of feeling unmoored from making things, everything changed today with the arrival of a Risograph EZ391u. One to call my very own.

I’ve had so many ideas percolating but felt trapped creatively in seeing them through. The best ones have demanded a material intervention, a method to allow form to influence direction. The Risograph is a perfect mechanism to accomplish this — to combine, subtract, and invert. To experiment without having to worry about the destination. At least not yet. For me, the Riso is like being handed the keys to unlock that cell. It’s nice to see the sun again.

But first, as is tradition, I need to give my Riso a name. I have a few in mind but am giving myself a few days to choose the best one. This is a task not taken lightly!