Through Lines 006

After many years away and far out of the spotlight, one of my favorites, Kathleen Edwards is back. All of a sudden the world is just that little bit better.

  • And if that weren’t enough, Phoebe Bridgers is touring at home next week and Matt Berninger has a new album called Serpentine Prison coming out in October. Can every quarantine week be like this week?
  • A giant peach and a gaggle of celebrity guests, but really this had me at Taika.
  • The past, the future, change, imagination — this talk from Brian Collins has it all.
  • Designed by Marc Rouault, Trois Mille is another beaut from Sharp Type. Cha-ching!
  • Season 1 of LEGO Masters and its hosts Amy and Jamie was simply delightful fun. Liam and I both hope it’ll be back for a second season!
  • If anyone can help unleash your creativity, it’s Ji, who I’m lucky to be able to call a teammate and friend.
  • So soothing. Thanks Tim.