Through Lines 010

1983’s “The Final Cut” is likely no one’s favorite Pink Floyd album, but there are a few solid tracks such as this one performed by Roger Waters and his currently quarantined touring band. The tour documentary from his Us + Them tour is a must see both for the performances and as a stirring piece of cultural commentary.

  • Looking forward to my copies of these to arrive, but in the meantime, I’ll just be here singing the Canyonero song from The Simpsons to myself.
  • Step away from the computer, follow along at home with Kelli and make something cool with little more than a few humble sheets of paper. Ok, you may need the computer to follow along but you get my point…
  • If you have any doubt about what Peter says about the need for play, try working at a tech company. I’ll wait.
  • Related? I’ll let you decide for yourself.
  • Goodbye TDC. It’s a shame, but I hope whatever emerges to fill this void will be able to do better and present a more inclusive path forward.
  • One of my best pals has a new website.
  • I definitely don’t need it, but I kind of love the Killer Acid 600 model, lovingly refurbished by Retrospekt.
  • If only this was a joke.