Through Lines 013

Fratelli Bonvini, the historical stationery shop and printing workshop in Milan (f. 1909) was saved from disappearing by the founders of Moleskine. This short documentary from 2012, features Luigi Cambieri who worked there from 1955 until 2011. I’d love to visit myself one day, if travel ever becomes a reasonable and safe thing to do again.

  • Although he wrote it to his best friend, this letter from Hunter S. Thompson is the letter I needed to read right now.
  • The first Global Village Day is coming on July 20th from noon to midnight Eastern Standard time. May be a bit academic but also sure to be full of ideas the world needs to understand itself right now.
  • This has definitely been me at certain moments over the last while.
  • Also on July 20th, join the #StrikeForBlackLives.
  • Not an easy read but worth every word.
  • Enjoy a look through windows from other parts of the world).
  • Not so much the same anymore.
  • Oh, I think there’s some fun to be had with this.