Through Lines 021

I knew but didn’t know Michael Kiwanuka’s music. I knew part of “Cold Little Heart” as the theme song from the show Big Little Lies, but I had no idea the rest of it. And of course this led to diving into the rest of his catalog which is excellent. Toque tip to @rands for this one.

  • I’m doing my best to stay positive and remain hopeful more often than not right now. This piece by Dan Sinker in Esquire captures what goes through my head regularly over the course of a normal week now.
  • The Social Dilemma on Netflix is arguably oversimplified, but may still be a reasonable entry point for anyone concerned about how certain technologies may be changing us. The trick is to not just stop with this and to go deeper down the rabbit hole with McLuhan, Postman, and Rushkoff.
  • How about one more Phoebe Bridgers video? This time a fabulous piano cover of Radiohead’s Fake Plastic Trees with Arlo Parks on the keys.
  • I feel late to the game on this, but it’s pretty great.
  • The CMS I use to run this site has a new screencast series. I ❤︎ Kirby.
  • This is a book for me. Buttons are a ton of fun to design for and so ubiquitous.
  • A fabulous deep-dive on Display typefaces from Maria Doreuli from Contrast Foundry.
  • Just shy two weeks left to support theFont Li Bierut relief project.
  • Field Notes + Letterpress = a perfect (natural) combo. Looking forward to my quarterly sets arriving soon.
  • Is it October 30th yet? Finally, something good in 2020.