Through Lines 022

I’ll always have a soft spot for Oliver Jeffers. His books were some of the first I read with my kids, and his last book tour stopped at our local bookstore. His “The Moon, the Earth and Us” installation at the High Line in New York which I was lucky enough to see in person was delightfully sublime.

  • Not that I really need another camera but Polaroid + Star Wars = an instant buy for me. And one that should be arriving any minute now.
  • I seem to be on a kick lately with monospace typefaces. Jet Brains Mono is pretty nice. Good microsite too.
  • Now is the perfect time to simply sit quietly and admire your favorite tree.
  • One about music and streaming services. Read the whole thing — and definitely don’t skip that last sentence.
  • There’s a lot I can relate to in this song if you swap in design in place of music.
  • My pal Greg has a new (double!) album out call Cacophony including a great new single called Messed up World.
  • It’s a treat to be able to peek behind the curtain at the amazing work from House Industries, particularly from master letterer Ken Barber. At around 17:30, if you moved Ken out of the way, you’d see me. I’ll let you be surprised by who else is in the shot. It was a fun day to say the least.
  • Just because you need another existential threat to ponder: space junk.
  • Creative Growth in Oakland is a special place. The more I’ve seen from the artists participating in that program, the more important I realize it is.
  • I added a new section to the site where I can share brief thoughts on design, technology, and creativity called ethos. There’s even a feed you can subscribe to.
  • Might need one of these. Maybe two.