Through Lines 023

An inspiring dive into the humble but essential creative brief featuring luminaries such as Maira Kalman, Yves Béhar, Frank Gehry, John Boiler, and others. An oldie, but one worth resurfacing.

  • There’s much to still learn from the past that many have attempted to look beyond in order to move forward. Well, look where it’s got us.
  • Services like Blacklight are increasingly showing the level of tracking going on behind the scenes across the internet and between apps. FYI If you try it on this site, you’ll find a whole lotta nothing because that’s the way it should be.
  • Somewhere between incredibly meditative and highly stress-inducing.
  • Hemingway sounds handy, especially that it can do everything on device.
  • Faculty has a new website and, my goodness, it’s delightful. That type — delicious!
  • Evidence that there is still a place for real human craft in an industry taken over by digital technologies.
  • Yet another amazing quarantine-inspired live performance from Phoebe Bridgers who seems to just be pulling out all the stops for these and ups the ante each time.
  • A beautiful story of a beautiful moment.
  • Thanks for this one Brian.
  • The future of everything is at stake in November. If you can, please vote.