Through Lines 033

Dave Grohl is a mensch, and if this first track is any indication of what’s to come over the next 8 days of Hanukkah, I’d say we’re all in for some fun musical treats from Grohl and his pal Greg Kurstin.

  • A serious deep dive and really well done nerdy, interactive look at how camera lenses and light work to produce photos.
  • I suppose it only makes sense that Pantone's Colors of the Year for 2021 — “Illuminating” and “Ultimate Gray” land with a positive outlook.
  • Lots of little things in 10 New Rules of Design that had me nodding my head.
  • Behind the scenes of the Savior Complex music video with not one, but two Phoebes.
  • House Industries has finally added a ton of PLINC type to their type library now that the former typesetting tool for that collection has been retired. Aztek, Slapstick, and Thud are just a few fun standouts.
  • I bought a pair of these Japanese House Slippers from Top Drawer Shop for my wife last year and have been jealous of her comfortable, warm feet ever since.
  • Hejira from Gáston Fuoco is a delightfully unexpected breath of fresh air.
  • This little folk tale of the Rabbit and the Banjo from Brian Collins hits very close to home for me after the last year.
  • I agree. These are Very Nice Ballpoint pens.
  • A very familiar sounding tale.
  • It’s a little funny to think this was written before the Current Situation, but it’s full of great strategies for building trust within distributed teams. From where I sit, I think Shopify has figured out how to build a strong remote culture.
  • Woooo — the Jaroslav Benda book hit it’s Kickstarter funding goal.
  • My pal Doug just re-launched his site. I for one am glad to have him back.
  • This should be interesting.
  • Ha!