Through Lines 073

I am cautiously optimistic about this new Matrix: Resurrections film, out on December 22nd. Hopefully not just a trip into that world for the sake of nostalgia and actually something with some teeth, like the original.

  • Moonfall looks like a perfectly ridiculous global disaster movie from Roland Emmerich.
  • It makes me happy to see this stretch of road in my hometown turned into something special. I wonder where the name The Bentway came from though, that’s new to me.
  • Very Cool Studio (aka Kyle Benson) has a new website to show off their/his original typefaces. I’m a big fan of Kansas Casual and Gooper.
  • Filing away this info on how to intelligently de-halftone images for future reference.
  • I do love a good lenticular, so this limited edition Frame by Frame book from Giphy has got my full attention.
  • Tuppence, released through Delve Fonts is a beaut and a solid choice for the right branding project. Some real gems in the additional glyphs too.
  • Seventies from Maximiliano R. Sproviero has, well, that seventies vibe in spades. If I could do anything here, I’d ask for a variable (bouncy) baseline.
  • Count me all in on Barnbrook’s new Bourguois Rounded.
  • James Todd’s new Symposium, released in an early form through Future Fonts is going to be one to watch. It’s already tack sharp!
  • Patiently awaiting the arrival of my copy of The Extreme Self.
  • A forthcoming reissue/extended release of Radiohead’s Kid A and Amnesiac (Kid A Mnesia) has got me digging back into their catalog. I’ll admit, I forgot how much I enjoy both those records.
  • 20 years later, and what have we really learned?