Through Lines 085

It’s been a big year for Phoebe Bridgers and I suppose fitting for her to perform as part on Austin City Limits. This might be my favorite performance of this particular song to-date. I certainly didn’t expect a particular moment towards the end…

  • I’m looking forward to getting back to the Letterform Archive soon. I saw the new space while it was under construction so I’m very excited to see it now that it’s open and with such a great looking Bauhaus exhibit on display.
  • It might be not too much of a surprise that I’m skeptical of this blockchain stuff, but I will say that the new morphing block symbol for Block (formerly Square) is pretty great. The leadership portraits on the other hand… oof.
  • It’s time for Phoebe Bridger’s annual Christmas single. This year she covers The Day After Tomorrow, a gentle anti-war song by the inimitable Tom Waits.
  • Every damn time Field Notes knocks it out of the park. The new Ignition set is no exception. My problem is that I apparently can’t fill them fast enough.
  • Order Design launched their in-house foundry OTF with two new releases this week — Plebeian and Pastiche Grotesque. I quite fancy Pastiche in particular.
  • Underware’s new Plakato super family takes an idea and pushes it to all the extremes with 16 unique styles that bring neon, stencil, inline, 3d and more together into something that actually feels harmonious.
  • Grenette from Colophon looks like an interpretation of Windsor I could actually like.
  • Purple Haze is eerily hypnotic and I love it.
  • Molly Mielke’s new Moth Minds has my attention.
  • File under truly fantastic book spine design.
  • I think the kids (mostly) get it.