Through Lines 126

The new Quarterly Edition from Field Notes in partnership this time with the incredible Hatch Show Print in Nashville, TN is one for the ages. A visit to Nashville is on the ‘ol bucket list if only to visit Hatch.

  • “…remote work isn’t, by definition, better or worse than IRL work. But it is different, and it is a necessary adaptation in an era marked by climate change and the slow collapse of long-neglected infrastructures. It’s past time to engage with its flaws directly, instead of always harking back to a fabricated office history we never lived in and cannot return to.” 100% agree with Mandy.
  • How Mathematics Changed Me. I feel similarly about my own recent interests in physics and quantum theory as enthusiastically described by Carlo Rovelli.
  • There is no technological determinism as long as you’re willing to consider what is happening and recognize that you can control your own reaction and experience.
  • Starting here, just imagine the impact of soon having LED screens an inch from your eyes for hours a day. This is the kind of thing that deeply worries me.
  • Frank Lloyd Wright’s largest Usonian house known as Keland House is for sale. Even though it needs some work, this is probably a better buy than just about anything in California. That built-in bookcase/couch is something else.
  • Commercial Type’s The Food Issue turns a traditional type specimen into something entirely new: a single issue magazine with original writing. And of course a handful of beautiful typefaces.
  • Thanks for sharing a look at Linotype & Machinery Doug. What an incredible building.
  • There’s definitely something to the idea of the Two Scales of Happiness.
  • Shane Hawkins and Foo Fighters. Not a dry eye in the house. Here either.
  • Neptune has rings? The JWST has given us a new view of a planet out in our solar system like we’ve never seen it before.
  • I think we can safely file Polaroid Music under things I definitely did not expect in 2022, though I probably should have.
  • The purpose of purpose is purpose. Yes!
  • What we lost. Holds up.

Notable Type Releases

  • I was just looking at LTR Principia recently so perfect timing that it’s now finally available from LettError with lots of great variable features and magic.
  • Min Sans from Typej (and currently available through FutureFonts) caught my attention this week for it’s sharp notches and warm yet elegant curves.
  • MuirMcNeil released their robust and versatile neo-grotesque Sans Sans type family, part of an ongoing typographic project.
  • When ProcessType releases something new, you pay attention. Landform is no exception and to me gives off some modern, geometric sci-fi vibes.
  • Newsagent from Beasts of England who make some of my favorite typefaces shines with a breadth of flourishes and gorgeous details.