Through Lines 130

This week I learned that someone who makes scissors by hand is called a putter which is apparently the short form of putter togetherer. And if anyone needs me, I’ll be off watching these stories from Ernest Wright this weekend.

  • I’m looking forward to being able to see Kelli's experimental type exhibit in person just in the nick of time before it closes on December 10th.
  • “I love work, by which I mean I love the feeling of focusing my energy toward a particular goal and watching the nebulous mist between here and there slowly thin to reveal wobbly, winding stepping stones.” The fundamental morale of Jenny’s essay about work speaks to me.
  • We are increasingly making unfixable or at least obfuscated products to the point where we’ll soon have no idea how to repair just about anything because everything will rely so heavily on technology that so few understand fully.
  • I won’t lie: I’ve been tempted all week to drive to Benicia, California to see our hero Pan Solo in the flesh, er, make that dough.
  • We’ve actively encouraged tech companies towards more and more invasive surveillance with the products they’re producing. It doesn’t have to be this way.
  • Although AI tech is seemingly heading into the realm of “we have no idea what it’s really doing”, I appreciate anything that helps simplify image selection and masking.
  • This CSS Gradient Mesh tool is sure something.
  • Jeff Tweedy covers Pharmacist by Alvvays!
  • Jeremy is spot-on, as ever.

New Type Releases

  • Ordinary, new this week form Positype (designed by Neil Summerour) may have adopted a vanilla name but it’s design is anything but or at least takes on the current zeitgeist of this flavor of sans-serif with its own particular charm.
  • Mass-Driver released Polychrome, a unique variable MICR-like typeface. Don’t miss the microsite for the typeface too!
  • Exentrica’s origin is rooted in Viennese history and full of stylistic variation, variety, and unexpected versatility across its monoline and contrast styles.
  • New Astro from Newlyn Type is like the child of Art Deco and retro-Futurism and is full of opportunity for alternates and magic in the included stylistic sets.
  • Dinamo’s new Repro, available in both sans and mono varieties for extensive usage in signage and across complex digital systems.
  • Jamie Clarke’s new SideNote is an endlessly relaxed, and elementary-like casual.