Through Lines 132

This is the joyous laugh a lot of people probably need this week after a very rough week of tech company layoffs, mid-term elections, and daylight savings time changes.

  • “The danger is that if we invest too much in developing AI and too little in developing human consciousness, the very sophisticated artificial intelligence of computers might only serve to empower the natural stupidity of humans.” A good quote from Yuval Noah Harari and brought to my attention by my dear pal splorp.
  • A limited edition 50th anniversary Solid Gold (plated) SX-70 Polaroid camera. Gorgeous and limited to just 50 units.
  • Why yes, I would like a Gutenberg's Printing Press LEGO set. Vote!
  • Also this mechanical LEGO flip clock is a beautiful piece of engineering. Wow.
  • I find this doodle house project both delightful but also something that makes me incredibly anxious to think about living in (or even just visiting).
  • Despite layoffs to 15% of Stripe's staff, I’d say this is certainly one of the better, humane, and it feels like heartfelt ways I’ve seen it handled.
  • Daft Kühne makes some beautiful, crazy — and big letterpress prints. I picked up a copy of Kunststipendien der Stadt Zürich from him during the Hamilton Wayzgoose conference this past weekend.
  • I’m very intrigued by Provisional Press project which I learned about this past weekend while at the Hamilton Wood Type Museum in Two Rivers, WI.
  • Maria is a smart cookie, so her new book Changemakers by Design with Christopher Ireland is sure to be a must-read.
  • Rush Golden Ale is now available in the US. It’s actually pretty good.
  • Decker is very retro, and maybe also very good?
  • Ruh-roh Adobe. Now do Pantone!

Notable Type Releases

  • Community Gothic is a new release from Frere-Jones Type, something we haven’t seen in a while and takes the classic 19th century jobbing typefaces into more modern territory. Don’t miss the deep additional background on its origins.
  • Dalton Maag’s Bisbee may actually be a useful secret weapon as the release’s notes suggest. A lively and loose casual but crisp almost handwritten family worthy of a place in your type library.
  • Brisbane from Troy Leinster Type is a gorgeous humanist sans serif family full of delightful details like generous counters, a large x-height, and angled ears and spurs.
  • Blaze Type’s chunky Square Mono Variable family is built on a square unit allowing it to be stacked vertically which is handy indeed.
  • Latino Gothic is Latinotype’s expansive new variable revival of the classic Franklin Gothic. Available currently at an incredibly generous discount.
  • Banto hit 1.0 status on Future Fonts. Looks like it’ll be great for display and text uses, especially since it seems to have nice even color throughout.

Posted a day or so behind schedule due to travel out to Two Rivers, Wisconsin where I was graciously invited to give one of the keynotes during the annual Hamilton Wood Type Museum Wayzgoose. More on that shortly.