Through Lines 134

Daniel Rozin’s wooden mirrors are a delightful combination of analog experience and digital tech that result in something almost magical.

Notable Type Releases

  • Inga Plönnigs’ Messer, an elegant and sharp interpretation of Emil Rudolf Weiß’s 1928 release Weiss Antiqua, perfect for books or other long-form text.
  • Feliciano Type’s Parnaso is influenced by Old Style Romans from the 19th century with its high contrast characteristics, crisp details, but adds a larger range of weights and some really beautiful italics.
  • Zeplin from Jamie Chang just makes me want to hang up my surf board and lie on the beach sipping a mai tai. Extremely chill.
  • CoFo Peshka recalls blocky 20th century industrial lettering which also happens to give it a modern sci-fi flair while still retaining a particular warmth and friendliness. Bonus points for the inclusion of backslant styles!
  • Nuform Type’s BRZO includes 5 styles of 90s magic. It wants to be used big!